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“I chose TERM because it offers a better communications package in terms of dialogue and protocol flexibility. I also found the price within a reasonable range to make it cost effective in the long run.”
— Mark Hershberger

Support Ending for TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows Version 4.8.6 and Prior

As of June 15, 2017, Century Software, Inc., will end support for TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows versions 4.8.6 and prior. This will affect the following versions: 4.7.0 thru 4.7.4 and versions 4.8.0 through 4.8.6.

Century will continue to support the following versions: 4.9.0, 4.9.1, 4.10.0, 4.10.1 and our latest version 4.11.0.

TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows version 4.7.0 to 4.8.6 downloads will be removed from our site as of June 15, 2017.

Support for TinyTERM AX for Windows, TinyTERM for Mac and TinyTERM for Linux will continue unaffected, as will support for TinyTERM for iOS and Android products.

What this means:

Live support will no longer be offered for version 4.8.6 and prior. You will need to visit our online support for technical information and assistance or upgrade to a supported version. For upgrade information, please contact our Sales department by phone at +1-801-268-3088 or by email at You can also visit our online store.

Downloads for these versions will also no longer be available. Only supported products will be available for download.

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