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TinyTERM ITX Line Discontinued

End of Product Life

The following products have been discontinued as of September 12, 2014:

TinyTERM ITX 2 for iPad  for iPhone
TinyTERM Pro for iPad for iPhone
TinyTERM ITX 5250 for iPad for iPhone
TinyTERM ITX 3270 for iPad for iPhone
TinyTERM ITX for iPad for iPhone

These products are not compatible with iOS 8. They are being replaced by TinyTERM Plus for iOS, and will no longer be updated. The current versions will continue to function forever but should be backed up in iTunes. Please refer to TinyTERM Plus for iOS for more information on upgrades and new features.

End of Support

As with prior products, this means support for TinyTERM versions older than 2.1.1 is ending. Only TinyTERM Plus, TinyTERM Lite and TinyTERM Enterprise are currently supported.

Reasons to Consider Upgrading

  • iOS 8 compatibility
  • Continued access to email and telephone support
  • Support for UNIX/Linux/VT emulations along with TN3270 and TN5250
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