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“I have been using TinyTerm for many years and every version gets better. Keep up the good work.”
— Dave Potter

What's New in TinyTERM for Android

The following are some of the new features added to TinyTERM Lite, TinyTERM Plus and TinyTERM Enterprise for Android version 1.2.9:


  • Added support for external key-mapping on some devices
  • Updated the OpenSSL and SSH libraries
  • Added keyboard view resizing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs that caused characters to be inserted in the wrong place
  • ESC [ ; r no longer ignored by VT emulations
  • "PCICSP9 Transaction '' is not recognized" error fixed
  • Scanning into a UNIX connection with UTF-8 enabled no longer inserts invalid characters
  • The system keyboard loads properly when selected from the keyboard list
  • The view no longer loses focus when the device is rotated

What's New in Version 1.2.8


  • Added preference screen to edit the TE-trace/route settings in the global settings
  • Added functionality to capture and report stack traces when a native fault occurs
  • Added dialog to show failure responses from the LCS
  • Added legal screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exception warning that the SearchView cannot be found

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