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“I really want to thank you and your company for going beyond in meeting our needs. It's things like this that make all the difference from a customer's point of view.”
— Ronald G. Hoover

What's New in TinyTERM for Windows

The following are some of the new features added to TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows version 4.11.0:

Terminal Emulation Enhancements

  • Replaced TermCS* fonts with Unicode fonts "TinyTERM Unicode" and "TinyTERM CJK"
  • Added sample frame.ttkeyboard file to install
  • Updated Quick Start Guide

Bug Fixes

  • Greek and German characters now display properly in UTF-8 Mode
  • Resolved 10060 Connection timeout over SSH
  • Function 24 no longer return error 8 even when properly proceeded by a call to 23
  • Resolved error 4547 when "Close session on disconnect and exit" is set in IBM emulations

What's New in Version 4.10.1

Terminal Emulation Enhancements

  • Added telnet interrupt process as a scripting option
  • Multiple print screen capability for TN3270 and TN5250 emulations
  • Rumba 3270 keyboard layout

Bug Fixes

  • Capabilities query problem in TN3270 resolved
  • 5250 Numeric fields right-adjust and fill with zeros
  • 5250 emulation correctly handles Insert Cursor request in the middle of Write Error Code
  • SSH does not disconnect on arrow or page down through long file
  • Crosshair cursor does not disappear on multiple opens of Session Properties
  • Attribute display fixes in TN3270
  • I/O error resolved while navigating certain 5250 app screens

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