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“I chose TERM because it offers a better communications package in terms of dialogue and protocol flexibility. I also found the price within a reasonable range to make it cost effective in the long run.”
— Mark Hershberger

Replacement Terminal Emulation Home


Century Software has provided the highest quality terminal emulations for over 25 years. We’ve recently launched a brand new approach to delivering terminal emulator solutions, our TinyTERM Subscription Host Access, specifically designed and priced for consolidation and replacement of existing software.

Turning the Latest Trend into a Solid Future – Subscription Licensing

The move by software vendors away from the traditional permanent license to a low yearly subscription fee that includes all licensing, upgrades, maintenance and technical support has the potential to reduce an organization’s software costs greatly.

The largest vendors, including Attachmate, IBM, and Micro Focus, are still charging high prices for product licenses and large fees for ongoing maintenance and support.

Century is now providing an opportunity for organizations to save 30%-80% of their recurring yearly costs, with no one-time costs for replacing existing licenses, while retaining required functionality and support. This is made possible by replacing and consolidating terminal emulators and using the latest trend in software pricing: annual subscription licensing that includes everything.

Reduce your costs for IBM 3270 Host Access

Century Software strives to provide replacement terminal emulator solutions to reduce existing recurring costs for IBM 3270 and 5250 host access. Our solution is TinyTERM Subscription Host Access, which easily replaces Extra!, Rumba and Personal Communications solutions, and offers advanced migration features.

Technology greatness runs in our family of products! Download an evaluation of our solution TinyTERM Subscription Host Access now.

Our Replacement Terminal Emulation Goals

  • To lower existing recurring costs for IBM 3270 host access by offering a new way to acquire and use terminal emulation, our Annual Subscription License.
  • Mitigate risk in consolidation and replacement by allowing our product to run side-by-side during the transition, with advanced migration tools.
  • Increase productivity by providing identical user interface and menu functionality, along with tools for automation and customization to unique environments.

Reasons to Consider Replacement of Your Terminal Emulator

  • Desktop operating system upgrades to Windows 7.
  • Need for secure encryption connectivity using SSL, TSL and SSH. These secure protocols are now mandated by new government and corporate standards for credit card data (PCI) and health care (HIPAA).
  • Addition of Citrix or Microsoft thin client terminal servers to your network.

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