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“The technical support team at Century Software was an integral part in making everything work for us. We were very pleased with the interest they took in our project. They even followed up by calling us for a status of how things were going in the installation process.”
— Dallas Pilcher

TinyTERM for Windows and TinyTERM Plus Desktop Screenshots

Here you'll find several images from Century Software's TinyTERM for Windows product line.
Click on any image to view it at a larger size.

Product Screens

Sample views of our terminal emulation products in action.

TinyTERM Plus   TinyTERM Plus 3270   TinyTERM

Session Properties

The Session Properties dialog is common to the TinyTERM for Windows product line. It sets the communication and other parameters for a given session.

Session   Login   Background   Attributes   Fonts
Keyboard   Mouse   Data Capture   Code Page   Port Forwarding

File Transfer

TinyTERM for Windows is compliant with a wide range of host systems and servers, and supports many popular file transfer protocols. File transfer support in TinyTERM for Windows allows users to transfer files throughout the enterprise using a variety of protocols.

File Transfer Properties   FTP Properties   Get Files   Send Files


Set TinyTERM's display and save settings from a single window.

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