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Installing TinyTERM on 64-Bit Linux Systems

TinyTERM for Linux is a 32-bit application. It requires 32-bit libraries for the Gnome and KDE desktop environments. These are not available on 64-bit Linux systems, so TinyTERM for Linux is not currently supported on those systems. Nor is it supported on any Linux system that does not include Gnome or KDE, such as Ubuntu 12.

However, TinyTERM can be made to run on some 64-bit Linux systems. It requires installing 32-bit libraries, which may be available. For example, the following shell script will allow TinyTERM to run on CentOS 6:

# Tell yum to install 32-bit packages in addition to 64-bit

grep -v multilib_policy /etc/yum.conf > /etc/yum.conf.TMP #if previously put in, remove it
mv -f /etc/yum.conf{.TMP,}

echo "multilib_policy=all" >> /etc/yum.conf

# Stuff needed by TinyTerm (itx)
# (add in 32-bit versions of these)

yum -y install glibc
yum -y install zlib
yum -y install libX11
yum -y install libXext
yum -y install libstdc++
yum -y install libXdmcp
yum -y install libSM
yum -y install libXrender
yum -y install libXfont
yum -y install fontconfig

Similar scripts should work for most other distros of Linux.

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