Frequently Asked Questions

TinyTERM Enterprise for Android

Q: Where can I buy TinyTERM?

A: TinyTERM Enterprise for Android is available through direct purchase from Century Software, Inc. For details, please contact our Sales department at or +1-801-268-3088 option 2.

Q: What connection types are supported in TinyTERM Enterprise?

A: TinyTERM Enterprise supports telnet and SSH connections for UNIX/Linux emulations, and telnet and SSL for TN3270/TN5250. Connections can run over wifi or cellular networks.

Q: Which terminal emulations does TinyTERM include?

A: TinyTERM includes 21 terminal types for use with UNIX and Linux hosts, as well as TN3270 and TN5250 emulations for IBM mainframes.

Q: Does TinyTERM include Unicode support for languages such as Japanese and Chinese?

A: TinyTERM Enterprise for Android supports UTF-8 display, as well as double-byte character sets used by Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Q: Android keyboards don't include all the terminal keys. Does TinyTERM include function keys, arrow keys and the like?

A: Yes. TinyTERM has several custom keyboard layouts, all of which include function keys, arrow keys, and other special keys specific to the terminal emulation.

Q: Can the keyboard be modified?

A: Yes. Instructions are on this page.

Q: Can TinyTERM be used with a hardware keyboard?

A: Yes. TinyTERM Enterprise for Android supports both USB and Bluetooth keyboards.

Q: Does TinyTERM support barcode scanners?

A: TinyTERM includes support for a number of hardware scanners. It also supports all Bluetooth scanners that use the HID profile.

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