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Using ViewML Industrial Browser for iOS

In addition to exact HTML5/Javascript display and scanning capabilities, ViewML Industrial Browser for iOS has several features to increase usability and security.

Setting and Using the Passcode

To add passcode security to ViewML, turn on the Passcode Lock switch in the Global Options. This brings up the Enter Passcode dialog. Enter a four-digit number here. ViewML will request the passcode a second time to verify it, then return to the Global Options.

Once a passcode is set, every time ViewML starts the Enter Passcode dialog will come up. You can also Require Passcode on switching to ViewML. The default value is "Immediately", which means ViewML will ask for the passcode every time it comes to the foreground: whenever it's started, when returning to ViewML from another app, or when the iPad has been in sleep mode. By setting a time value, a specified number of idle minutes must pass before the passcode is required again.

To disable the passcode, turn the switch off in the configuration screen. You'll be asked to enter the passcode once to confirm the change.

Title Bar

While connected, the title bar displays the current URL and three buttons. You can edit the URL from here, rather than creating a new configuration to connect to a site. This will not affect the saved configuration, but only the current session.

The Config button opens the list of configurations, allowing you to create new configurations or edit existing ones. The current connection stays open unless another configuration is connected from that screen.

The left and right arrow buttons move back and forth through the current history.

Pinch Zoom

By default ViewML fills the entire screen if the keyboard is transparent or hidden. With a non-transparent keyboard, ViewML displays as much of the current Web page as will fit.

You can pinch zoom to reduce or magnify the display size. At minimum size, the entire page width is visible in the available screen space. This can be zoomed to double height and width at maximum, four times normal size in all.

Software Scanner

ViewML also includes software scanner support for the rear camera. (iOS devices without a camera cannot use this function.) To activate this, tap the scan button on the keyboard.

This brings up a live camera window with a Cancel button. Center the barcode or QR code in the camera window. The software will recognize the code, then return to ViewML and enter the data at the current cursor position. Supported code formats include EAN/UPC, Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 and QR.

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