TinyTERM for Mac Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What operating systems does TinyTERM run on?

A: TinyTERM currently runs on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher.

Q: What connection types are supported in TinyTERM?

A: TinyTERM for Mac supports SSH, telnet, SSL/TLS and local shell connections.

Q: Which authentication types does SSH include?

A: Both SSH1 and SSH2 are supported. User/password and keyboard-interactive authentication are both available. TinyTERM also supports both RSA and DSA keys in sizes from 512 to 4096 bits.

Q: Which terminal emulations does TinyTERM include?

A: There are 21 different emulations available in TinyTERM:

ADM1 IBM3101 Mac Console TV912 VT100 VT320 WYSE50
AT386 Linux console TTY TV950 VT220-7 VT420 WYSE60-25

Q: Which code pages does TinyTERM include?

A: There are 50 code pages in TinyTERM, covering a wide range of locations:

STD 210 PC Greek (437G) STD 861 PC Icelandic STD 1253 Windows Greek STD DEC Turkish 1288 STD Polish Police
STD 220 PC Spanish (National Spain) STD 863 MS-DOS French Canada STD 1254 Windows Turkish STD ISO 8859-1 Latin I STD Russian Alternative
STD 437 MS-DOS Latin US STD 865 MS-DOS Nordic 1252 Windows Latin 1 (ANSI) (Polish) STD ISO 8859-1 Latin II STD Russian ANSI
STD 737 PC Greek STD 866 PC Cyrillic 1252 Windows Latin 1 (ANSI) (FONT) STD ISO-IEC 8859-5 Cyrillic STD Russian KOI-8
STD 850 MS-DOS Latin 1 STD 1250 Windows Latin 2 (Central Europe) STD DEC ISO Latin NR 1 Right STD ISO 8859-5 Latin/Cyrillic HP Roman 8
STD 852 MS-DOS Latin 2 STD 1251 Windows Cyrillic (Slavic) STD DEC Multinational Left STD ISO 8859-7 Greek HP Roman 9
STD 855 PC Cyrillic STD 1252 Windows Latin 1 (ANSI) STD DEC Multinational Right STD ISO 8859-9 Turkish Eastern European 7-bit
STD 857 PC Modern Turkish STD 1252 Windows Latin 1 (ANSI)(French) STD DEC Supplemental STD ISO 8859-15 Latin 9 Latin-Greek 7-bit
STD 858 MS-DOS Latin 1 STD 1252 Windows Latin 1 (ANSI)(German) STD DEC Cyrillic STD Polish CSK Czech Output 8859-2 Latin II
STD 860 MS-DOS Portuguese STD 1252 Windows Latin 1 (ANSI)(United Kingdom) STD DEC Greek 1287 STD Polish Mazovia Polish Output 8859-2 Latin II

Q: Does that include UTF-8 support for languages such as Japanese and Chinese?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Can the keyboard be programmed?

A: The TinyTERM for Mac can be programmed by creating and editing a keyboard.dat file. It also includes an on-screen function key button bar that can be fully programmed for any key sequences.

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