IBM 3270 Keyboard Layouts

TinyTERM offers three main TN3270 keyboard layouts: Century Software's own layout, one based on Attachmate Reflection, and one based on IBM PCOMM. The default layout's keys are:

Green keys are available from the main keyboard. Blue keys are available with the Ctrl key pressed.

The Reflection layout does not include all three PA keys, but it does have some other options. It also changes shift-6 from the caret ^ to the NOT sign ¬ :

The PCOMM layout is almost identical to the default layout, but does not have the Paste Continue option. It also adds in the SysReq key via Ctrl-Esc. (That key is not pictured below, instead showing the regular Esc key mapped to Attn.)

All three layouts provide PF13-PF24 as Shift-F1 through Shift-F12 as well. The complete list of 3270 keys and their mappings by layout is below.

3270 Terminal Key Century Default Key Reflection Key PCOMM Key
Attn Esc Esc Esc
Clear Pause Pause Pause
Copy Ctrl-C Ctrl-C
Dup Ctrl-D Ctrl-D Ctrl-D
Enter Right Ctrl Enter Right Ctrl
Erase End of Field (EEoF) End End End
Field Mark Ctrl-F Ctrl-F Ctrl-F
New Line Enter Right Ctrl Enter
Open New Session1   Ctrl-O  
Open Help1   Ctrl-H  
Paste Ctrl-V Ctrl-V Ctrl-V
Paste Continue2 Ctrl-W    
PA1 Page Up
Ctrl-/ on keypad
Page Up Page Up
Ctrl-/ on keypad
PA2 Page Down
Ctrl-* on keypad
Page Down Page Down
Ctrl-* on keypad
PA3 Ctrl-- (dash on keypad)   Ctrl-- (dash on keypad)
PF1 - PF12 F1 - F12 F1 - F12 F1 - F12
PF13 - PF24 Shift-F1 - Shift-F12 Shift-F1 - Shift-F12 Shift-F1 - Shift-F12
Print Screen   Ctrl-N  
SysReq     Ctrl-Esc

1This is a TinyTERM function, not a 3270 function.

2This pastes data at the current cursor position until the field is full, then continues to paste into successive fields until either all are full, or there is no more paste data. A normal paste (Ctrl-V) pastes only to the end of the current field.

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