IBM 5250 Keyboard Layouts

TinyTERM offers three TN5250 main keyboard layouts: Century Software's own layout, one based on Attachmate Reflection, and one based on IBM PCOMM. The default layout's keys are:

Green keys have been remapped from PC defaults. In addition, PF13-PF24 are available as Alt-F1 through Alt-F12, though they are not pictured here. The "Use Alt keys in emulation" check box must also be set in TinyTERM's settings to use PF13-PF24.

The PCOMM layout moves the Reset key to the left Control key, adds Erase End of Field where the End key is, and changes the keys on the side of the numeric keypad. Also, PF13-PF12 are moved to Shift-F1 through Shift-F12 (not pictured).

The Reflection layout uses Shift-F1 through Shift-F12 as PF13-PF24, like PCOMM does. But it doesn't move the Enter key to the right Ctrl key as the others do. This leaves control keys available for use. Control key mappings are shown in blue. Where a key is remapped both on the main and control keyboards, both mappings are displayed.

The complete list of 5250 keys and their mappings by layout is below.

5250 Terminal Key Century Default Key Reflection Key PCOMM Key
Attn     Esc
Clear     Print Screen
Copy   Ctrl-C  
Delete   Ctrl-Delete  
Enter Right Ctrl Enter Right Ctrl
Erase End of Field (EEoF)   End End
Error Reset Left Ctrl    
Field Exit Enter Ctrl-Enter Enter
Field Minus   Keypad - Keypad -
Field Plus   Keypad + Keypad +
Open Help1     Pause
Paste   Ctrl-V  
PA1     Ctrl-Insert
PA2     Ctrl-Home
PA3     Ctrl-Page Up
PF1 - PF12 F1 - F12 F1 - F12 F1 - F12
PF13 - PF24 Alt-F1 - Alt-F12 Shift-F1 - Shift-F12 Shift-F1 - Shift-F12
    Print Screen1  
SysReq   Ctrl-F12  

1This is a TinyTERM function, not a 5250 function.

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