TPX File Settings

TinyTERM stores its configurations in files with the .tpx extension; e.g., default.tpx. The TPX file uses the Windows ini file format for its settings:


Not all the settings in the TPX file are available through the Session Properties due to space restrictions. Extra options are documented here. These options apply strictly to TinyTERM Plus for Windows, starting with the specified version number.

Key Description Values Version

AcceptSSHFingerprints Determines whether or not to accept the SSH fingerprint from an unidentified host system.
0 - Off (default)
1 - On
autowindowtitle A blank or non-existent autowindowtitle key causes TinyTERM to use its default window titles. Setting a value with no spaces will use that string to title TinyTERM windows as they are opened, with each window assigned a letter to identify it. For example,


will cause the first TinyTERM window to be named Inventory A, the second Inventory B, etc.

The lowest available letter will be used. For example, if Session B is closed, the next window opened will use Session B as its title.
Label to be used for window titles. No spaces are allowed. If left blank, default window titles are used.
cleartosb On clear screen operations, push the contents of the display to the scroll back buffer before clearing.
0 - Off (default)
1 - On
Set the default line ending for copied or pasted text. The defaults are:
\n - Line Feed
\r - Carriage Return
CrossHairs Enable cross-hair cursor in TN3270 or TN5250 emulation. This draws thin horizontal and vertical lines at the bottom left of the current cursor position, in the same color as the cursor.
0 - Off (default)
1 - On
Set the default starting and ending delimiter for DBCS characters in TN3270 and TN5250 emulations. Both are set to a space by default.
Any single ASCII text character. 4.8.3
DrawURL Enable underlining of URL and function key hotspots in the emulator screen.
0 - Off
1 - On (default)
fontsmoothing Determine the style of font smoothing used in the emulator window.
0 - Use Windows default setting (default)
1 - Force anti-aliasing
2 - Force ClearType
frameKeyboardFile Identify the .ttkeyboard file used for the onscreen keyboard layout. Defaults to "frame.ttkeyboard".
A file with the .ttkeyboard extension. 4.10.0
frameKeyboard Select the .ttkeyboard file section used for the onscreen keyboard layout.
A section name within the frameKeyboardFile.
A blank value will hide the onscreen keyboard section
HLLAPILongName 3270 session long name used with HLLAPI. Defaults to "TT A".
Up to eight characters. 4.9.1
HLLAPIShortName 3270 session long name used with HLLAPI. Defaults to "A".
One single letter. 4.9.1
horizontalCenter Center UNIX emulation horizontally, based on the number of columns set.
0 - Off (default)
1 - On
IBMBlankChar Character used to fill blank fields in TN3270 and TN5250 emulations. Defaults to a space.
Any single ASCII text character. 4.8.3
keyboardfile keyboard.dat file to load in place of the default
Full path to the selected keyboard file. 4.8.6
macro_# Assign a script or macro to button M# on the "3270 Classic" Ribbon Bar.
Full path to a .cs script or .ttmacro recorded macro file. Use / as the directory separator, rather than /. 4.8.5
menubar Determine whether the menu bar displays. Can be set to 0 or 1 from the Options menu, Global Settings dialog. If set to 0, the menu can be restored by clicking on the TinyTERM icon at the upper left of the TinyTERM window's title bar.
0 - Hide menu bar
1 - Display menu bar (default)
2 - Hide both menu bar and restore option
Start text display a number of pixels away from the specified edge.
0 - Disable
Any other positive value sets that number of pixels.
pastecontinue Sets the paste continue options for TN3270 and TN5250 emulations. Values may be added together, with the effects being cumulative.
0 - Paste characters as if typed from the keyboard
1 - Continue to paste existing data as long as input fields permit
2 - Stop paste at end of current field
4 - Newline advances to next field and continues paste. Overrides 2 if set
8 - Allow cursor to wrap to top of screen to continue paste
16 - SYLK paste for data copied from applications such as Microsoft Excel
32 - Do not erase all contents of fields getting pasted into, before writing new data
64 - Do not convert each tab character (ASCII 9) to four spaces (ASCII 32)
RGBMapn Set hexadecimal RGB color value for color with index number n. The value of n ranges from 0 through 18. UNIX and TN3270 emulations use values through 15 only.
Any one- to six-digit hexadecimal number. has a useful tool for generating and testing these. 4.8.2
telnetkeepalive Every N seconds, send a Telnet NOP to keep connection alive. Valid only for Telnet and SSL connections.
0 - Disable
Any other positive value sets that number of seconds.
UseURL Enable URL and function key clickable hotspots in the emulator screen.
0 - Off
1 - On (default)
verticalCenter Center UNIX emulation vertically, based on the number of lines or rows set.
0 - Off (default)
1 - On

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