VBA Scripting

As of version 4.9.0, TinyTERM Plus provides VBA scripting capabilities for TN3270 and TN5250 emulation. This includes an integrated development environment (IDE) using WinWrap as the editor interface. TinyTERM will also run scripts created in Attachmate Extra with no modification required.

System Requirements

To use VBScript or VBA, you will need TinyTERM Plus version 4.9.0 (January 2015) or higher, installed on Windows XP or newer. VBScript must be enabled in Windows.

TinyTERM Plus saves its VBA scripts as plain text files with the .ttb extension.

Starting the IDE

From TinyTERM's Tools menu, select Open VBA IDE. This opens the IDE editor. This allows you to create, open and edit VBA script files, regardless of the file extension. Saving a script file in the IDE automatically appends the .ttb extension to the name.

Running a script

There are three ways to run a script:

  1. Open the script in the IDE, then from its Macro menu select Run. You can also simply hit the F5 function key, or click the Play button in the toolbar.

  2. Double-click the .ttb file. This will launch TinyTERM Plus and/or the IDE if not already open.

  3. From within a TinyTERM script, use the Script_Run() command.

The VBA script will execute normally.

Importing Scripts from Other Applications

To import a VBA script from Attachmate Extra, Reflection or another similar application, save the script as a plain text file, with no encryption or password. Change the extension on the file to .ttb.

TinyTERM Plus will be able to use the script immediately after that. It includes compatibility libraries for common commands, so that no new syntax needs to be learned.

Additional Information

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