Script for Launching TinyTERM Plus

This is the LaunchTT.vbs script described in the VBA automation basic documentation. It starts TinyTERM and connects to the address

Script Command   Description
Set tt = WScript.CreateObject("Century.TinyTERM")   Associates the name tt with the Century.TinyTERM program and starts an instance of it. Century.TinyTERM is the name assigned to the TinyTERM Plus executable in Windows.
tt.Show()   Displays the TinyTERM Plus window. Without this, it runs without displaying anything to the user.
Set objte = tt.Control   Associates the name objte with the ActiveX control currently loaded in TinyTERM. This will either be for TN3270 or TN5250 emulation. The rest of this script assumes TN3270.
objte.node = ""   Sets the node property of objte to the desired host address.
objte.ConnectionType = 0   Selects telnet as the connection type. For SSL/TLS, use 4 instead of 0.
objte.netport = 23   Sets the TCP port to 23, the default for telnet.
objte.connect()   Calls the connect method to start the connection.

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