Script for Opening Multiple Sessions

This VBS script opens multiple sessions in TinyTERM Plus by loading separate .tpx files.

Script Command   Description
Set tt = WScript.CreateObject("Century.TinyTERM")   Associates the name tt with the Century.TinyTERM program and starts an instance of it.
tt.CloseSession(1)   Closes the existing session drawn from default.tpx.
tt.OpenSession("inventory.tpx")   Opens a new session based on the inventory.tpx file.
tt.OpenSession("orderentry.tpx")   Opens a new session based on the orderentry.tpx file.
tt.Show()   Displays the TinyTERM Plus window. Note that the sessions were loaded before the window was displayed, and the last session loaded is the one currently displayed.
tt.SwitchSession(1)   Switches to the first session opened, in this case inventory.tpx.

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