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You can identify which PC a user logs in from through the WRU answer back feature. How you access it depends on your version of TinyTERM or TERM:

  • TERM for DOS or UNIX
    Use the WRU and WRUCHAR script commands.
  • TERM (any version) or TinyTERM (up to version 3.3) for Windows
    Go to the Configure menu and select Emulation. Click the Advanced button.
  • TinyTERM 4.x for Windows
    Go to the Edit menu and select Session Properties. On the Session tab, click the Setup button next to the terminal emulation type.

There are actually two WRU settings. When the emulation receives the character determined by the ASCII value in the “WRU Inquire character” field, or set with the WRUCHAR script command, it sends the “WRU Answer Back” or WRU string to the host. The default inquire character value is 5, which corresponds to Ctrl-E. So when TERM or TinyTERM receives Ctrl-E from the host, it sends the answer string.

To identify PCs through the WRU settings, assign a unique string to each PC. Enter that string in the “WRU Answer Back” field or as the WRU string. Once that’s been saved, your UNIX host must send the WRU inquire character and wait for the response. The answer back string can be used by UNIX for any purpose you need.

If you need to disable WRU entirely, change the WRU inquire character to -1. ASCII numbers range from 0 to 255, so a value of -1 can never be received from the host. Thus, WRU is ignored.

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