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Printing One Line per Page

Print jobs from the server may print one line, feed a page, then print the next line, and so on. This usually happens when the host application turns transparent printing on at the beginning of each line, then off at the end. TinyTERM versions 4.00 and higher include a workaround to stop this problem.

TinyTERM 4.00-4.12
In TinyTERM’s Printer Setup, check the Manually stop print jobs box. This will make the Stop on key press box available. Check it, too. The next time you print, TinyTERM will hold the print job in memory until you press a key. Then the print job will go to the printer with the correct pagination.

TinyTERM 4.13 and higher
In TinyTERM’s Printer Setup, check the Spool print jobs box. This will make two options available: Print on key press and Print on timeout. Print on key press works the same way Stop on key press does in earlier versions of TinyTERM.

Print on timeout (not available in TinyTERM 4.13) includes a timeout setting, which defaults to five seconds. If you have this option selected, TinyTERM will hold the job until the specified number of seconds go by with no new print data. Then it will release the job all at once. You can adjust the timeout based on how the print job behaves.

CR 21, spool option
CR 145, spool timeout

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