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UNIX Technical Support

Modem not Responding? (Older Dos/Win3.x versions)

Question: I get a error "modem not responding" when I try to dial with TERM. What should I do next?

Answer: Modems are cantankerous beasts, but the problem often lies with your computer or the connection between the computer and the modem. The following steps should help you isolate and rectify the problem:

  1. Check to see that the modem is connected and turned on.

  2. Check the modem initialization string in the Configure / Modem, Advanced section.

    Make sure that the init string is correct for your modem (check your modem documentation).

    If there is a "^M" at the first of that string, remove it.

    Make sure that there is a carriage return or line feed character at the end of that string ("^M" in DOS or Windows, or "\r" in Unix).

  3. Try using a slower baud rate (i.e..2400 or 9600)

  4. Ensure the modem is functioning by using TERMINAL (in Windows), cu (in Unix), or typing "echo ath1>comx" (where "x" is the com port that the modem resides on) at the command prompt (in DOS).

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