Term for Unix Manual Install

  1. Create a directory where TERM will reside:
    md /usr/term
  2. Extract all disks or files into this directory:
    tar xvf (device)
  3. Extract the files into the /usr/term directory:
    tar xvf cmdfilel.tar
    tar xvf cmdfile2.tar
    tar xvf cmdfile3.tar
    tar xvf termu3.tar
    tar xvf termi3 tar (for Interactive UNIX)
    tar xvf termx3.tar (for Xenix version)
  4. Move the following files to /usr/bin, with the specified permissions:
    term / r-x-r-x-r-x - 5 5 5
    nterrrdr (or termrdr) / r-x-r-x-r-x - 5 5 5
    callin / rws-r-x-r-x - 4 7 5 5
    callout / rws-r-x-r-x - 4 7 5 5
    This is done by typing:
    mv term ntermrdr callin callout /usr/bin
  5. Change to the /usr/bin directoryl. Change file permissions by typing:
    chmod 555 term ntermrdr
    chmod 4755 callin callout
  6. Brand the /usr/bin/term executable with this command:
    Enter your serial number and activation key when prompted to do so.