Using ttymon and TERM on UnixWare

Question: I'm running on UnixWare with ttymon-- How do I get TERM to work with it?

Answer: The product to use is the U3 product. As it installs, it asks if you are installing under SCO UNIX, XENIX, or INTERACTIVE. Here, you would choose INTERACTIVE.

In order for TERM to run, the port has to be set up for bi-directional access. This can be found in the UnixWare manual under Setup and Configuration. The script below should work:

pmadm -r -p ttymon3 -s 01d
pmadm -a -p ttymon3 -s 01d -s login -fu -v `ttyadm
-V` -m "`ttyadm -b -h -r0 -t 60
-d /dev/term/-1s -1 9600NP -s /usr/bin/shserv -m
ldterm -p \"tty01 login: \"`"

Change the lockfile format within the TERM setup under communications to:


You must now connect to /dev/ttyxxx, and not /dev/term/ttyxxx.