Error: Modem not Responding

Question: I get the error "modem not responding" when I try to dial with TERM. What should I do next?

Answer: The problem often lies with your computer or the connection between the computer and the modem. The following steps should help you isolate and rectify the problem:

  1. Check to see that the modem is connected and turned on
  2. Check the modem initialization string in the Configure / Modem, Advanced section:
    • Make sure that the init string is correct for your modem. Check your modem documentation for details
    • If the initialization string starts with "^M", remove that
    • Make sure that there is a carriage return or line feed character at the end of the initialization string: "^M" in DOS or Windows, or "\r" in UNIX
  3. Try using a slower baud rate; e.g., 2400 or 9600 baud
  4. Ensure the modem is functioning by using TERMINAL in Windows, cu in Unix, or typing "echo ath1>comx" (where "x" is the com port that the modem resides on) at the command prompt in DOS