TinyTERM Enterprise for Android does not yet support printing. The following is placeholder information copied from TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS.

To configure printing, tap the Printer Settings button in Global Options.

Printer Selection

Tap the Printer Selection field to choose between Network Email and None. Select one to configure it. You can also create a New Print Configuration, which allows you to create a variation on an existing configuration, or use Delete Print Configuration to remove the currently selected configuration.

Printer Settings

Once you've selected a printer, you can change the Name. The Destination will always be Network, Email or None (Ignore).

The remaining four options are for transparent print jobs. Auto Combine Jobs buffers print jobs until the stop condition is reached. This is most useful when the host puts breaks in a print job, which causes it to print as multiple jobs instead of one.

If Auto Combine Jobs is on, turning on Stop on Keypress causes the jobs to buffer until the user hits a keyboard key, whether on-screen or external. The spooled jobs are then released.

The other option is to Stop on Timeout. This holds spooled jobs until the number of seconds specified by the Timeout option have passed, with no new print data. TinyTERM then releases the print job.

Both Stop options may be set together, though only one is generally needed.

Printer Output

This section sets the number of Rows and Columns on the printed page. These can be adjusted to match the output from the host, or the TinyTERM settings for screen prints.

Email Output

This section applies only to email printers. Here you can set the Default Email address and Default Subject when printing to email. You can also choose to have the print job text in the body of the email, as a text file attachment to it, or both.

Print Screen Output

The Print Screen Type may be set to one of four values: Text, PNG, JPEG or PDF. The print screen output will be sent in the body of the email, or to the AirPrint printer, as the type selected.

Sending a Print Job

To print the screen, tap the prt button on the keyboard. This button is available in the function key section of all keyboard layouts.

To send a transparent print job, refer to this Knowledge Base entry or to your host application documentation.

Once the print job is ready to print, a dialog will come up with options. For email printers, this will be a standard iPhone email message. You can edit the address, subject and content before sending, or cancel the printout. If there is no email account configured on the device, TinyTERM will print a warning message to that effect instead.

Network print jobs bring up a printer selection dialog. Here you can select a specific printer and set a number of copies to print, or cancel the print job.

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