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TinyTERM AX for Web Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why has TinyTERM AX for Web been discontinued?

A: TinyTERM AX is based around ActiveX controls that only run in Internet Explorer version 8 or higher. With the release of Windows 10, Internet Explorer and ActiveX have both been deprecated, meaning no further development will happen. This limits the usefulness and lifetime of TinyTERM AX. Active development on TinyTERM AX ended with the release of version 4.11.0 in May 2017.

Century Software has released TinyTERM Plus for Web to replace TinyTERM AX. Because it does not rely on ActiveX, TinyTERM Plus for Web will run in any modern browser, on any desktop operating system. Users are not tied to Windows or Internet Explorer when using TinyTERM Plus for Web.

Q: What are the system requirements for TinyTERM AX for Web?

A: Server OS: UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows 2008 or another server OS
Web server software: Apache, Microsoft IIS, Nginx or other Web server

Client OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
Client browser: Internet Explorer version 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11

Q: What connection types are supported in TinyTERM AX for Web?

A: TinyTERM AX supports SSL/TLS, SSH and telnet connections to IBM and UNIX hosts.

Q: Which terminal emulations does TinyTERM AX include?

A: There are 21 different emulations available in TinyTERM AX UNIX for Web:

ADM1 IBM3101 PCTERM TV912 VT100 VT320 WYSE50
AT386 Linux console TTY TV950 VT220-7 VT420 WYSE60-25

TinyTERM AX 3270 for Web includes four different terminal types:

IBM 3278-2
IBM 3278-3
IBM 3278-4
IBM 3278-5

TinyTERM AX 5250 for Web includes two different terminal types:

IBM 3179-2
IBM 3477-FC

Q: Is TinyTERM AX licensed per Web server?

A: TinyTERM AX for Web is licensed per user, counting the total number of users able to access a host.

Q: Which browsers will TinyTERM run in?

A: TinyTERM AX for Web requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or higher. It runs as an ActiveX control, which other browsers do not support.

Q: Does each user need their own license and tinyterm.html file?

A: All users can connect and run from a single tinyterm.html file with a multi-user license. If the server address is hard-coded in the HTML file, then each server needs a separate HTML file.

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