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Modify an Existing Configuration

Modifying an existing TinyTERM ITX for iPhone configuration is as easy as creating one. From the "Configuration" screen, touch the configuration name:

Or from a TinyTERM emulation session, touch the Configure button. Either option brings up the current configuration screen.

Note the check mark next to the selected configuration. That indicates the configuration is currently active. If any of its options are changed, they will take effect when you return to the current emulation session.

You can also edit other configurations while one is connected. Those changes will be saved immediately, and will be in effect the next time that configuration is used.

Editing Settings

In the configuration settings, touch any field to change its current setting. As when creating a connection, fields that require typed data – such as Terminal Type String – will automatically call the keyboard. Similarly, the keyboard's return key will move the cursor to the next field.

Fields that do not require text entry bring up selection dialogs instead. These allow you to choose between the available options.

Saving Settings

When finished making changes, touch the Configurations button to return to the "Configurations" screen, then the Done button to save the edits and return to the current configuration.

If TinyTERM is not connected, touching the Connect button saves the edits and connects immediately, using the current configuration. If TinyTERM is already connected, touching Disconnect disconnects the current session – whether or not it's the configuration currently being edited – and saves the configuration changes.

Default Configuration

Note that if you edit the Default configuration, changes there are copied to all configurations created afterward. This includes terminal settings, colors, and all other settings besides the name. (There is no effect on other existing configurations.) The Default configuration cannot be renamed for this reason.

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