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Portrait and Landscape Settings

TinyTERM ITX has a number of display options based on the iPhone orientation. The Portrait Settings and Landscape Settings, while identical in appearance and options, are independent of each other. This allows greater flexibility for customizing TinyTERM's behavior to your own preferences.

Emulation Size

There are two sets of options for emulation size. The first set takes effect when the keyboard is visible on-screen. The second set takes effect when the keyboard is hidden from view. In either case, the number of Rows and Columns displayed can be changed to allow extra data to display, or less text at a larger font size.

The Resize When Hidden switch determines whether or not the emulator window expands to fill the screen when the keyboard is not visible. If turned off, the emulator does not change size, whether the keyboard is visible or not.

Keyboard Settings

Several keyboard Layouts are available. The Standard iPhone setting is the keyboard included with the iPhone.

There are also several special keyboard layouts customized for portrait and landscape mode. They include function keys F1-F12 and other special keys not available on the standard iPhone keyboard. They can also be modified, or additional layouts may be added. Click here for a guide to creating and customizing keyboards.

Transparent Keys can be turned on or off. When on, the Transparency slider is used to determine how opaque the keyboard is. This is at its best when the Resize When Hidden switch is off. It allows a transparent keyboard to overlay the emulator display, so that both the keyboard and the full-size text of the connected session show at the same time.

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