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Sync Files

Keyboard layout files, code page files, and TinyTERM desktop configuration files (.tpx files) can be uploaded to TinyTERM ITX for iPhone. Keyboard layouts can be created or customized with any UTF-8 text editor. Code page files and .tpx files can be created or edited in TinyTERM for Windows.

Code page files in TinyTERM ITX for iPhone have the same format as the codepage.dat file in TinyTERM for Windows. Before importing the file into TinyTERM ITX for iPhone, copy the file and rename it with a .ttcodepage extension; e.g., tinyterm.ttcodepage.

Once your file is ready to be uploaded to TinyTERM, any application that allows file sharing can be used. Here are two examples of file uploading: via email and through Dropbox.

Uploading a File Via Email

To upload the file via email, send it to the iPhone as an attachment. When the message is received, tap the attachment once. The option to Open in "TinyTERM ITX" comes up. Tap that to import the file and open TinyTERM.

Uploading a File Via Dropbox

To use Dropbox, locate the file in your Dropbox folder and select it. Tap the arrow icon at lower right while viewing the file. Select TinyTERM ITX from the list of apps to import the file and open TinyTERM.

When TinyTERM opens, new keyboard layouts and code pages will be available in any configuration. .tpx files show up as new configurations, with all available settings ported over from TinyTERM for Windows.

Uploading Files on iOS 4.x

iOS 4.2 introduced multitasking to the iPhone. All later versions of iOS include that feature as well. While very useful, it does present one challenge when syncing files to TinyTERM.

Closing an app on iOS 4.x generally suspends it in the background instead. When this happens with TinyTERM, files cannot be synced to it. Any changes made to those files are ignored instead.

To prevent this from happening, make sure TinyTERM is closed before syncing files. To do that, press the Home button on the iPhone twice to bring up a display of background apps. If TinyTERM is displayed there, touch and hold its icon. When it starts to wiggle, tap the red circle that appears on the top left corner. That will close TinyTERM, and you can then sync files to it without error.

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